We all know that silk is a fine and luxurious material that can add a little something extra to any regular outfit. At the office, a simple design worn the right way can bring any understated outfit to a new height. Each length of scarf can be worn multiple ways so here is an overview of some of the possibilities.

1. The Retro Look (Mini Scarf)

Mini scarves can be tied around the neck like an ascot, either centered or to the side to show off some layered jewelry. The plain 70s look has been rebooted with modern colors and creative abstract patterns like this square scarf. 




2. The Silk Faux Tie (Skinny Scarf)

Looking for a low maintenance style? Well with a simple knot, a simple skinny scarf can bring a whole world of elegance and professionalism to your outfit. Whether its to make a neckline more conservative or to add flirty movement to your top, a skinny scarf is the easiest way to accessorize silk. Check out how simple it is with one of my favourites, the red heart patterned skinny scarf. 


3. The Scarf

Picking the right scarf to wear to work can be tricky, so I’ve put together a list of do’s and dont’s to guide you in the right direction. DO wear color with a mono chrome or plain outfit. DO shop smaller sizes like 11x60 or 14x72 so the material doesn’t get distracting. DON’T wear chiffon since it might be too formal to wear to the 9-5. Our fan fave is this best selling navy blue silk scarf in 11x60.


You see! Work outfits don’t have to be so boring. Hopefully this guide has helped shed some insight into the endless possibilities of accessorizing silk at work.