Hi there!

Welcome to my Seesa Silk Blog. In this post, I'll be sharing some of the steps involved in the painting of our silk scarves.

First we prewash the scarf before painting it to remove any residues in the silk that can spoil the painting. Then we iron and stretch the scarf on a stretcher.














The magic begins with my brushes and co


Here is a design I created, using the serti technique where designs are outlined using a water based resist as it acts as a barrier for the dye or paint to stay in the enclosed areas. 


Every time I paint, I tweak and alter, and so every scarf, even if it has the same design as another one, has small variance that truly proves the uniqueness of this wearable art. 









After the silk scarf dries, it's ready for steaming. Hours of patience in this process pays off, as this is when the colours really become part of the fabric and get the shine they deserve. 


 Now it's time to wash, iron and start the photo shoot. After this, the silk scarf goes online!